Casa Vista Montessori Preschool

Parents Testimony

Casa Vista Montessori has been better than any preschool we had even thought about. Our son, Ahaan was one of the first 5 kids to enrol into this preschool when it opened its gates in June 2017. Aksheeta's passion and clarity of thoughts were so magnetic that we had absolutely no anxiety in having our little one enrol into a brand new place. And believe us, that Casa Vista is everything an authentic and passionate Montessori promises to have.


Although we were not in a hurry to enrol our 17 month old into a preschool (looking back I think enrolling him at that early age was a really wise call), we were hunting for a pre-school that would have:

1. Very clearly laid out principles of teaching by well experienced teachers.

2. A favourable teacher to student ratio, so that these little minds receive the much needed attention and guidance throughout the preschool hours.

3. Open spaces rather than smaller classrooms (I think the freedom of movement is a great boost to learning minds)

And fortunately for our little one, Casa Vista Montessori had it all and more...

Most children have a phase of insecurity and separation anxiety which often is the most difficult part about sending a toddler to a preschool. But the teachers here are simply brilliant at handling this in the most loving and mature way, so much so that my little one doesn't want to come back home sometimes.

Their teaching is holistic and aims at making kids independent and respectful at a very young age. One can see the difference in a few months itself.

The teachers are astute observers-their weekly feedbacks along with the quarterly reports gives parents a great understanding of the kids' progress and areas that need to be worked on at home.

It has been less than 6 months for us to join but team Casa Vista Montessori has quickly become a family for us...where it's not just our child who is learning but where we are also growing into more confident parents.

If there is one preschool you would want your child to be in (without ever worrying about your decision), it is Casa Vista Montessori.

- Dr. Trupti Gilada

I have been extremely happy with Casa Vista Montessori Preschool. It is truly the best nurturing place for children. The one special thing I noticed as a parent is that the preschool pays attention to providing personal care and affection to our kids. They have a frequent system of reporting, which has proved to be apt about my child. I have seen many developments in Amyra after joining Casa Vista Montessori. She is independent and has developed positive work habits. This is all thanks to the qualified staff they have, who not only show patience but also understanding towards children. Their Montessori environment feels very positive and welcoming. I would strongly recommend Casa Vista Montessori to any parent who is looking for a safe and nurturing environment for their child.

- Nidhi Chheda

As a first time parent I was anxious about finding a good school for my child. As parents we visited many schools in the vicinity before finalizing.I remember the day I received the flyer and decided to visit Casa Vista Montessori. As I stepped in I realized that the school was 'the one' for my child. It was just the type of set up I was looking for. Nothing more, nothing less. That's how it all began.

Now on holidays it's difficult to convince my child that there's no school. I would recommend this school to all parents because just like me, all parents wish the best for their child.

- Dr. Shivani Kudva

Summer Camp Testimonial :

We absolutely enjoyed the summer camp held at Casa Vista Montessori. It taught my daughter resiliency. The kind of nurture and encouragement that she received made it a great environment to try new things, endure setbacks and gain experience. 

This was the first time she was exposed to any kind of formal schooling; hence I don't have much to compare with. However, the individual attention the teachers managed to give each child was superb.

The variety of activities offered at the camp made it easier for my child to perform day to day stuff like pouring, brushing her teeth to even painting and colouring. These activities along with several others that she learned will help her gain life-long skills.

I believe, this camp helped her gain confidence. With the non-competitive activities and diverse opportunities to succeed, it made me realise that this was a real boost for her. I would highly recommend parents this school in very many aspects.

Thank you for having us.

- Laesha Shivdasani Sagar

A child is born free and slowly we build walls around the child (to protect the child, from where we see it).  But I was looking for an environment that would nurture this free spirit and independence shown by my child at birth. I was looking at a child centred option that would cater to his needs. I looked really hard for a place like that and as if like an answer to my prayers, Casa Vista Montessori, opened its doors in Worli, just as my child was getting ready for preschool.

Since my child, Shivaansh is going to Casa Vista Montessori, I noticed many wonderful habits developing within him. He experienced the beauty of order and learned various skills, like slowly becoming aware of his independent self. He learned to participate at various levels at home too, like helping me out in chores, putting back his things, helping me clean the room, taking care of his environment (plants).

The most special thing done by Casa Vista for my child is that they have made him one of their own. They look after and nurture my child like someone of their own. There is so much independence and respect in the school environment for the child!

Another criterion worth mentioning is their reporting system. As a parent it can get overwhelming sometimes to be able to find the appropriate area to focus and work on for the child’s development. Casa Vista helps me in doing just that, by pinpointing exactly the area I need to work on, with my child.

All this possible, because the teachers are not only well qualified but also extremely sensitive. My child loves all the teachers and staff at the school. Their welcoming smile, when I drop my child at school, is what makes saying goodbye that much easier for him and me.

I always wanted a Montessori school for my child, but after interacting with various schools, nothing less than a Casa Vista would do. I would highly recommend it to all parents who are looking for a school that is clear on curriculum, implementation, reporting, independence, love, care and respect for the child.

I would like to make a special mention about Aksheeta Ma’am, a well organised individual overflowing with empathy and a genuine love for children and care for their growth.

Thank you Casa Vista Montessori for everything

- Preeti Shinde

I would never call Casa Vista as a preschool or treat it like a school for my son. It’s another home for him which imparts great learning to him. The teachers are very attentive to the smallest development of my son, Vihaan. It is great to get weekly even daily feedback sometimes about my son. He goes with a smile and comes back with a smile which is exceptionally important for us as parents. Casa Vista Montessori is for those parents who are looking for developing their child in a holistic way. I am extremely happy to be a part of Casa Vista family.

- From a happy and content mother
Sakshi Gupta

Dear CVM team,

Our family was looking for a learning environment that nurtured and challenged our son. He comes home at the end of the day happy and excited to share what he has learned. We are very happy with our experience at the school and recommend it to all parents looking for a super place to enrol their child.

We love the way the school encourages free inquiry and exploring problems and solutions through hands-on activities. The school has been just as flexible in working with us as a family, as the teachers have been in working with our child.

We appreciate the feedback that we have received about our child and having perused and discussed the report thoroughly within the family, we were happy to note that through painstaking efforts, the observations about our child were almost bang-on in all aspects.

We’ve been very happy with Casa Vista Montessori. Our 2.5 year old Naivedya shows tremendous development and has really blossomed in your care. He appears confident and cheerful. He continues to amaze me with his unique abilities at recalling statements and his fine motor skills have truly soared since going to Casa Vista Montessori. The learning materials from the Montessori Method have been perfect for my son — visual and tactile.

We wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff for how wonderful you have been to my son through this semester. Every single one of his teachers has been kind and loving, understanding and helpful. He has had an extremely enriching experience.

We know the foundation laid by your talented and dedicated teachers will serve him well in the coming years.

Children are pure and innocent; they cannot act, lie or be fake. The fact that Naivedya enjoys and looks forward to going to the school is in itself the best testimony that any school could possibly desire -through their students. This would obviously be attributable to the overall environment of the class and the affection the kids receive from all the teachers and the staff who treat the children as their own. The regular weekly photos that are sent to the parent’s show the children are so much at ease with the teachers and there doesn't appear to be any stress showing on the face of any child.

Lastly but most importantly, a word of praise and kudos to you Aksheeta & Niraj Parikh for having set up this wonderful school and handpicked the excellent teachers and staff. It is your personal commitment & determination to this venture that has resulted into this successful establishment.

We wish you continued success!

Warm regards & best wishes.

- Maanyata & Yogesh Dhameja
(Parents of Naivedya Dhameja)