Casa Vista Montessori Preschool

Our Team

Richa Kapoor
Richa is the school's executive principal. She has over two decades of teaching experience with the Montessori Method. She completed her graduation from Mumbai University and pursued a diploma in Montessori education from Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). Richa is recognised for pedagogical best practices, honesty and integrity. She has a keen eye to observe children and their developments. In the past Richa has formed strong, lasting relationships with parents and at Casa Vista, she is responsible for the day to day interactions with parents. She is also responsible for school decision making, recording and reporting student progress along with administrative work.

Karishma Shah
Karishma is a trained Montessori teacher, having acquired the AMI training from Ratan Tata Institute. She completed her BMS from H.R. College and thereafter pursued from University of Mumbai. She tried her hand at understanding documentation required for export firms and gained an experience in making stock reports for IIJS (Indian International Jewellery Show). She also worked in a Jewellery store for a period of 1 year as a sales associate. However, she felt that her true calling and career path was in educating and being with young children.

In the past, Karishma volunteered as a teacher at Aakanksha Foundation, where she delivered Math lessons to students of higher grades. She then started her teaching journey from Activity Infant School Montessori.

She is quite enterprising and ambitious as a person. Karishma also has her personal entrepreneurial venture by the name of Dream Frostings, a home-based baking company. Some of her hobbies include, practicing Manipuri dance form, art, trekking and reading. Karishma has joined us as a teacher in the primary section.

Pritha Sorap
Pritha is a Montessori trained directress who has obtained her teaching certificate from Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). She graduated with a B.A. degree from Mangalore University and worked for a brief period with a Travel and Tourist company. Pritha's love for being with children compelled her to pursue the teaching profession. She has had hands-on experience with the toddlers during her tenure at Da Vinci Montessori School. Pritha also brings in her ability to work with and teach children who have learning delays. She has a decade of experience teaching young children and has been a part of Casa Vista Montessori since its inception.

Arshi Chowhan
Arshi is a qualified AMI directress from Ratan Tata Institute of Montessori Training. She has 5 years of work experience with the Montessori System. Prior to joining us, she worked at Activity Infant Montessori School as a facilitator in the toddler program. Her interest in early year’s education was kindled while bringing up her 2 sons. Arshi is known for being extremely patient with children and has a flair for bonding with toddlers. She strongly believes in giving children plenty of opportunities to pave a path towards independence.

Saubiya Bubere
Saubiya holds a diploma from Association Montessori International and is trained to work with children aged 2.5 – 6 years. She has completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting & Finance from Jai Hind College.

She acquired teaching experience from Da Vinci Montessori prior to joining Casa Vista.

She found her true calling and career path in children’s’ education after reading and researching about the Montessori Method. Having passed out from a boarding school herself, she strongly believes in the Montessori principles of Independence, Nurturing self-confidence, and mixed age groups that help sharpen social skills.

Saubiya is known for her in-depth understanding of the Montessori system of education. Her quality of being extremely patient, caring and her ability to engage students into learning, makes her a best fit into our pre-primary program.

Aashnu Gandhi
Aashnu has completed her AMI Assistant Montessori Teacher’s course (0-3 years). She has also acquired training in Early Childhood Education from Podar Institute.

She formerly worked in the field of make-up and styling; however due to her passion for teaching, she switched to the education field.

Aashnu is an energetic teacher who has excellent observation skills and bonds with each child in a unique way. She strives to create a purposeful learning environment that promotes a holistic development for children. She has joined us as a facilitator in the toddler community.

Amee Merchant
Amee has spent the last 4 years teaching students aged 2.5-5 years. She began her teaching journey by first acquiring her Montessori diploma from Ratan Tata Institute and thereafter joined Activity Infant Montessori School.

Her interest in the Montessori Method was sparked when her daughter started early years education in a Montessori School. Through her child's journey she realised how this method liberates and prepares children for life.

She now passionately looks forward to working with inquisitive young minds. Amee is a strong communicator who engages her students productively in class and has value for Real-World Learning.

Shilpa Ostawal
Shilpa has worked with KGT International School in the Montessori section for a period of 2 years. She completed her Bachelors of Commerce from Mysuru University. Shilpa was interested in the Montessori Method of education while raising her children. She then went onto acquiring a Montessori diploma from Ratan Tata Institute in 2011.

Shilpa believes that each child is unique and works towards fostering social development and self-care among children.

Shilpa also worked with the Spastics Society of India for a period of 2 years. Her calm persona and her gentle approach towards children, makes her a best fit into our toddler program.

Renu Salecha
Renu is a commerce graduate from Lala College. After the birth of her children, she started home tutoring. It is at this time that she developed a passion for teaching young children. She started voluntary service at Casa Vista Montessori prior to joining us as an assistance teacher in the pre-primary program. We saw immense potential in Renu as a facilitator. She is excellent at settling new children, quick at learning and extremely creative. We believe that she compliments the main teachers in the class and works towards a holistic development for each child under her care.

Shifa Kudia
Shifa is an Arts graduate from Mumbai University. She formerly acquired a diploma in VFX, graphic designing from Arena Animation. Later, she obtained training in the Montessori Assistant course for 2.5-6 years. Teaching has always been her passion and she decided to make it a profession after her experience of homeschooling children during the pandemic.

Shifa is extremely calm and patient with young children. She believes that a classroom needs to be a joyful place and sets a happy environment for all the young ones. She has joined us as an assistant teacher in the pre-primary program.