Casa Vista Montessori Preschool

Extra-Curricular Activities

Music and Movement :
We have joined hands with 'The Sound Space' - ( that offers our children an endeavour to revive our culture through games and music. The Sound Space believes that awareness of sound and music helps the development of senses, language, math and social skills. Children who are consciously exposed to music and given an opportunity to experience the power of sound, cope with academics and the social environment better.
This awareness is brought about by Sound and Space with the use of props, story books and percussion instruments, with an aim to develop sensory awareness. This program is conducted once a week, within the school premises.

Art and Craft :
Art is a medium of expression. The pleasure of drawing comes from the combination of vision and movement which helps in the development of creativity and free form of expression. The child is introduced to the world of colours, thus enhancing his/her imagination. In our school, art and craft classes are conducted by our in-house teachers.

Cooking :
Food preparation and cooking are an integral part of the Montessori curriculum. All the cooking related activities are done without the use of fire and promote the following :

  • Optimum skill development - as children use their fine motor skills.
  • Independence - as they are able to chop, cut, peel and mix on their own.
  • A sense of accomplishment.
  • Grace and courtesy - as they learn to share with their friends.

Gardening :
We provide many gardening activities such as planting, weeding, watering which involve taking care of the environment.
The gardening activities take place within the school environment where children are made responsible to care for plants by watering and nurturing them.
They also learn the process of growing their own plants and flowers. These exercises stimulate the child’s intellect as they connect with nature.

Yoga :
The Yoga sessions are conducted by a yoga expert, within school hours. This program intends to create awareness of the mind, flexibility of the body and strengthening of the muscles. Regular yoga practice enables the mind to become steady and quiet, leading to more focus in day to day activities.